Casalta Arms & Defence

Casalta is a Turkey based company operating in the field of firearms, its dedication to high quality granted it the trust of its clients and helped expanding its network of distributors worldwide in a record time, despite being omnipresent in every continent within both the civilian market and law enforcement departments, its ambition doesn’t stop there, the goal is to reach every spot in the World as we do believe we have what it takes to do so.

Our product line is as diverse as possible, in order to meet the different and varied expectations of our clients and to provide the best quality/price balance to everyone.

Our main asset is our resiliency and adaptability to the market fluctuations and to the constant changes requested by our clients along with allocating a specific impartance to each gun during the production process and after.

Casalta is welcoming you to join its family and it would be a wortht experience indeed.